First day of University

28 Jun

The first day was roughly three weeks ago, it was hell for me. I hated it so much. The place was terrible, the people were unfriendly and I was not in the mood for something new. Eventually, things got better on the second week. I decided not to live in denial and carry on a positive mindset. I even had the thought of switching universities, and it was a decision purely based on emotions. Thank God I did not make such a hasty decision in the end. I guess the real problem was me not having the ability to adapt to new surroundings. The same feeling was there a year ago when I first entered college. But I ended up meeting some of the most amazing people that helped me change my life. All I can do now is to patiently hope and wait for things to turn out even better than before!

near the end

30 Mar

Saying Goodbye is probably one of the things I dislike most in life. It sucks more knowing that you will not be close to someone whom you are very close to right now and not seeing the same people you now see everyday. College is coming to an end for me, 1 week to be exact and I have seriously learned a lot from this whole 1 year, knowing who to trust, knowing how to use photoshop, knowing how to draw a freaking 3D floor plan, knowing what to do when you are hungover, knowing what is life, knowing how to drive better, knowing how to do a damned pepakura and knowing how to socialise better.  There isn’t a day without a laughter and there isn’t a day to not look forward to. Walking down the shit long corridor, having to wave and say hi, without fail, every day. Running to classes and rushing assignments. Classes are actually fun for once, with weird classmates and funny lecturers encouraging everyone to participate in class.  I will definitely miss all of these! 

Weird Day

30 Jan

This mini flow chart illustrates my typical night before an exam/test.

Motivated -> Panic -> Rush -> Demotivated —–> Motivated -> Panic -> Rush 

and the cycle could go on and on till 4am in the morning. 

My motivation hardly remains till 4am in the morning, they usually disappear by 12am and I would be at bed sleeping like a baby by 12.10am. However, this is not the case for me yesterday night. It has been 5 weeks since the semester started and I still have absolutely no freaking clue of what my finance lecture has been teaching all these while. For the sake of achieving a distinction, I slept at 3am.

Then, the day just got weird.

1. Received some drunk text from a lecturer which did not make any sense! 

– Holeeeeeee



-Heritage Hotel

-mu secre eternity

-are u on a jetplane now


2. Had my lunch 3 times in 4 hours.

3. Saying random phrases like ‘update the latest version’ and ‘otak brain’ at random moments without realizing.

4. Saying ‘Silicon Bras’ when we intend to say ‘Silicon wristbands’ to two male lecturers. The laughter we got was louder than thunder. 

5. Overheard a lecturer’s conversation in which he said ‘fuck valentines’ to another lecturer and gave me the oh shit face when he noticed my presence.

6. Was invited to a bonding party and we promised to attend, but we bailed it instead.

and lots other more.

Sleep is important !



Now Is Good

29 Dec

This is a film based on a book written by Jenny Downham – “Before I Die”. It has a very predictable storyline. A 17 year old girl named Tessa is diagnosed with leukemia 4 years ago and decides not to undergo chemotherapy because she is determined to enjoy life to the fullness before she dies. Tessa has also made up a bucket list, topping the list would be sex, drugs, shoplifting etc.

Nonetheless, Tessa who is played by the young and talented Ms. Dakota Fanning, speaks in a British accent! It sounded weird at times but she definitely pulled it off. Her short haircut reminds me so much of Carey Mulligan too.

However, one day while Tessa was burning her letters and dress at a bonfire, she bumped into a hot, young and charming guy named Adam(Jeremy Irvine). That chap is good looking and everything but his acting is a little stiff and unnatural at times.

Soon, Tessa and Adam fell in love, but did not have sex.

A very cliche Nicholas Sparks kind of movie. I expected something more than this. Also, I kept forgetting the fact that Tessa is going to die soon. I didn’t even feel sad when she died. But it is a good movie to pass time.

28 Dec

First off, this is a great movie! It is literally about AN education.  The settings of the story is set in the early 1960’s with 16 year old (Mulligan) who is in the midst of completing her final year of high school. She then meets an older man named Jack (Sarsgaad) who appears to be filthy rich and properly educated. He drives a sports car, wears good clothes, has luxurious stuff etc. As they spent more time together, they were eventually romantically linked. Jack does not like talking about his work, but it did not take long for Jenny to find out what his job really is. With the influence of Jack and his friends, Jenny soon realizes that it is more important to enjoy her life aka seize the moment than to further pursue her studies in Oxford. Here comes the twist, Jack is a playboy and he steals for a living and he is still married, by law.

The meaning of ‘education’ this movie is trying to bring forth is that an educated mind does not necessarily mean an open one. Jenny may be really successful in the academic world, but she soon realizes that there are lots more life lessons out there that she has yet to learn.

Carey Mulligan’s performance was superb! No wonder they called her the ‘new Audrey Hepburn’. She is just great to watch. Though she is 24 then, but sure did she convince our minds that she’s 16!


27 Dec


Let me just start off by saying, I really like Robert Pattinson, but this movie? It was a big no no for me. They say the first 5-10 minute of a movie is very important, as it affects the mood of the audience. At the 10th minute of Cosmopolis, I still had no absolute freaking clue  of what this whole movie is about. It is so boring that 5 minutes felt like 20 minutes. This movie basically revolves around Eric, his assistant, a couple of whores and a limousine. The dialogues that took place are so pointless, meaningless and robotic. Robert Pattinson talks like he is reading a book or a script. I even think he is trying to give out the ‘mysterious’ and ‘cool’ kind of vibe through out the movie by talking and staring in a certain manner. Sadly, it did not work out well for him!

On the other hand, there are many positive reviews for this movie too. Some even say that this is David Cronenberg’s best film. Sad to say, but this is definitely not my cup of of tea.

Your Sister’s Sister

26 Dec

Decided to take a step further with some Indie movies, with the not so indie actress (Emily Blunt). She is pretty much the reason why I even decide to give this movie a shot. This movie has the most realistic dialogue I have seen in a long time . The characters are so much fun to watch, I even wish to be one of their friends. There were parts where I squeaked because of its extreme awkwardness and also parts where I laughed out loud. I was entertained and intrigued through out the whole movie. Here is the summary of the whole movie,

At the start of the movie, we were introduced to a man named Jack (Duplass) who did not behave well in his brother’s memorial service. Jack is best friends with Iris (Blunt), whose boyfriend is Jack’s late brother. Jack’s life was in a mess at that moment, so Iris suggested that he takes a break from life and offers him her family’s secluded cabin located in an island. When he reaches there, he is surprised to see that there is another guest in the cabin. It turns out to be Iris’ sister, Hannah (Dewitt) who decides to take a break after leaving a 7 years lesbian relationship. The two begin to bond, with a couple of tequila and became drunk. This eventually lead to an awkward sex. The next day, Iris unexpectedly shows up in the cabin. Thus, forming the core of the film with the characters’ complex relationship. The real twist appears when Hannah finds out that Iris has feelings for Jack and Hannah is desperate of getting pregnant and had poke a few holes on Jack’s condom before giving it to him.




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