First day of College

25 Apr

I had quite a terrible experience. Orientation was yesterday and I came home feeling a little depressed and sad for no apparent reason. When people ask me why my first day sucked, I would probably tell them because I didn’t make much friends and my timetable for the next 4 months sucks.

Thinking of it today… Why did I feel so horrible and sad?! I did make some new friends on orientation. And my timetable doesn’t suck that much either. Maybe I am still not used to the new environment and meeting new faces. That night, I was so not looking forward to coming again tomorrow.

This morning, I dragged my feet into the building, not expecting much for the day. My first introductory lecture for the day was English! I stepped into the class,  new faces make me nervous and awkward. I couldn’t decide on where I should sit but later on I decided to just grab the front most seat. Thank God for ice-breaking session! Without it, I think I’ll remain as a dumb-doll for the rest of the class.

Overall the the first day went pretty smoothly. I came home and slept 3 hours straight. I was really exhausted! This shall be a new chapter of my life. I hope the best comes in last. May the odds be ever in my favour.


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