Should Kidnapping cases go viral?

27 Apr

Something sad happened at 7.35 am this morning, Nayati Shamelin Moodliar (picture above) was kidnapped by two indian men in a black Proton Gen 2 with a false number plate of WNH 1356. He was wearing a green shorts and a white polo tee.

So, the news spread like wildfire via social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and so on. It went viral!!!  There are pros and cons to it. But I believe that there are more cons to it therefore,  people shouldn’t publicise it and make it go viral.

All the kidnappers want is money! But there are some who seek for physical pleasure. Let’s cut that out for a moment since the victim here is a male (less chances of him getting sexually abused).People are partly right when they say the love of money is the root of all evil. This is a classic example. The parent’s of the victim should just keep the case in a low-profile and make a win-win deal with the kidnappers to sort things out. Now that it is viral, every second on my timeline, someone is sharing a video/picture/note about him. If I were the kidnapper, I would definitely freak out! When someone is at panic, their mentality is not stable. Hence, they will do something stupid. Or in some other cases, kidnappers would think that their life is doomed because every single policemen are searching for them….

And I don’t see how informing the public helps? First of all, a kidnapper would be smart enough to NOT bring the kid out under daylight. And, NOT everyone has Facebook/twitter. Not everyone is aware about this incident. So far, I haven’t read about  news saying how a random pedestrian bumped into this suspicious looking man with a kid and she/he immediately lodged a report. Ta-daa a miracle happened!

In MY opinion, these cases shouldn’t go viral. Only the police and the victim’s parents should be involved. Others… just stay at home.


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