1st day of college

30 Apr

The weather is so hot and humid! right now, I am guessing it is around 36 degree celsius outside. I would love to on the air-conditioner right now, but electricity bill in Malaysia ain’t that cheap.  I would have to drip a couple drops of sweat just to save that few cents.

Today is officially the first day of college. My first class was study skills at 8am. Something really funny happened too!! On my timetable, it says that study skills is using room SR5. So I walked to the room, at the door, I met an ex-schoolmate of mine whom is having her 2nd sem and was about to go in the same class too. I told her that SR5 is my class and she was surprised as SR5 was her class too and she was about to have math class. We talked a little and she believed that she had made a mistake with the class listing. So, she walked away to find for her class. I walked into the class, sat beside a girl whose face I have never seen before and asked her ” This is Study skills class right??” She told me it was MATH. I got so panicked and shocked and immediately walked out of the class. It was 7.50 and I was walking up and down in the hallway seeking for help.I think I asked for help from 3 people? haha. Long story cut short, the registry made a mistake. Both of the classes clashed. Then people from study skills had to be moved to another class. That’s the story…. it is pretty funny that I’ve made myself a fool by walking into that classroom twice then walked out again. Anyways, that stupid class is shitty and boring. All we do is sit and listen to the lecturer. Personally, I don’t see how that class is helping me. I don’t acquire any skills from that class too. It is so unnecessary.  After that I had computer programming and Intermediate English. In brief, today was good. Not as bad as last week. I finally feel good for something. It is labours’ day tomorrow!! It’s a public holiday!! Yayyy. Gonna meet up with my Kelantan friend from National Service. Excited!


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