Life Update

21 Jun

The title of this post sounds ridiculous!! But the purpose of it is to let the 30 year old me to read and feel stupid.  Life has been great, no problems so far. Midterms ended today. Not really sure with what I am doing right now because I barely even study the exam. Feeling so “FAIL” right now. 

Speaking of which, I had a research paper due yesterday and… THANK GOD I decided to give it a shot and read through thoroughly the whole compilation of 4 group members. MOFO… The sentences don’t even connect. I spent the next 2 hours re-editing the whole damn paper. Proud of myself. 

Side note, the longer you know someone, the clearer you see their true ugly colours. Story time, I first met this girl and thought that she was a really nice person. A month later, I finally see the light! She told me stories about how her group members despise her at first and I can’t believe I actually pitied her. But I DON’T NOW! She deserves it. She likes stealing credits in group tasks and likes to think that she is always correct and the best. Pfft… what a turn off!

Anyways, I am going for a 3 days 2 night leadership camp tomorrow! Hope everything turns out well. I also hope that I come home tanner and thinner. 


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