So… there’s this weird girl….

24 Jun

Campwas FUN! We were split into groups and were given tasks to accomplish. The activities were really fun. I had such a great time with my peeps!

We were so close that we slept in the same room for both nights. 7 of us slept on 3 connected beds. Image I could barely move! But on the 2nd day… that was when things started getting weird, when a girl named R***** started sticking  to us. More about her later!


This is my group! Got 1st for the skit competition! I think I did quite okay acting as the teen mom’s mom!


Awesome People

Here’s the story of that weird girl. We all knew she was a little weird on the first day of college when she went on stage and ranted about a blonde lady/mistress in a wig. She always asks silly questions in class too. And I am about to tell you the top 5 funny and weird stuff she did in camp!

1. During a sharing session, she started “pouring out her feelings” on what her insecurities are. She started talking about how she is 100% convinced that she is an alien trapped in a human’s body living on earth. Furthermore, she went on saying that she doesn’t seem to get along with the society  because she was “zapped zapped’ by some alien when she was a baby and she absorbed some of their powers. That’s why she has all these strange and weird thoughts.

2. While we were hanging out in a friend’s room, she suddenly dashed open the door and sat in between us. That was a little weird but we were okay about it. She then insisted on sharing about her  idol whom she admires a lot because she is spunky and fierce and belongs in a band named “REBELLICIOUS” ( I don’t think this band exists in real life)! She went on talking about her love life and how she wrote this really creepy love letter in a golden envelope to a guy. She wrote something like ” I think I’m in love with you even though you have a girlfriend. I want to make you mine.” No wonder she got rejected. Weirdest part arriving… We were tired and decided to get some sleep, so we asked her to turn off the lights before leaving. She switched off the lights, opened the door and then closed the door. We all thought she had already went back to her room. Around 20 seconds later, one of my friends suddenly said ” What is that touching my feet?!” Everyone started screaming and realized that she was sleeping at the edge of the bed beside our feet!!! Oh my god. She didn’t even make a single noise and that was really creepy! We switched on the lights again and begged her to go back to her room. She kept on concocting excuses till it gave us an impression that there was something weird in her room. She finally admitted that she didn’t wanna spend the night alone in her room. Of course, we pitied her and at the same time she volunteered to sleep on the floor.

Lights off, everyone was trying to sleep. It was hard to sleep as there were bloody a lot of obstacles on the way. She asked if we want to hear her sing a lullaby? She made some stupid ghost sound. She suddenly grabbed one of the dude’s feet and started massaging it. MOFO. It was really creepy!!! She woke up at 3 and went back to her room. When we asked her about it the next morning, first, she denied that she went into our rooms yesterday, on the 2nd attempt, she said ” I told you I might sleepwalk”

3. We asked her to help us take a group shot. Instead of taking it for us, she added her own face into the picture.


.WHAT THE #@$!? Oh my gosh… It made us laugh like mad! Look at that troll face!

4. We were playing the “No phones game” and this dude lost, so he had to eat 5 bananas. Another dude suggested this to her ” why don’t you eat 5 bananas too and challenge him?” She took his banana, stared at it and said ” GAME ON!” and she really ate 5 bananas.


5. Another girl (not the weird one) loves fooling around by touching guys’ nipples. Someone asked the guy to do it back to her . That dude replied ” I would! If she is a dude!”

The weird girl suddenly said ” I could help you to pinch her’s if you would like me to. cause you know.. I am a girl and she is a girl”

Only a couple of us heard, so we went like ” YEAH YEAH YEAH! Go pinch R****(another girl)! ”

She really stood up and went over to R***** , R didnt know she was about to get pinched at the nipple by the weird girl. hahaha, the weird girl stood beside her and said ” well, I’m gonna give you a pinch!”. She pulled out her hand and was about to pinch her nipples and we quickly screamed, ” NOOOO! DON’T!!!!!!! WE WERE JUST KIDDING!@$!#” OMG…… The weird girl nearly pinched another girl’s nipple! Mother of GOD.

oh my goodness… these are just 6 of the weird and funny incidents. There are like hundreds more.


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