Kstew & RobPatt Scandal

28 Jul

I actually believed thew news on US weekly’s when I saw it for the very first time. They have pictures and they seemed legit to me. I was devastated and confused, I did not know what to feel and believe. I also believe that the press wouldn’t make up stories about a 41 year old married man and a 22 year old woman having an affair! Having an affair is some serious shit yo!

Then, I quickly went on Twitter for some fresh news. All of the fans were having mental breakdowns. Some insisted that those pictures were tampered, some turned their back on Kristen and called her a whore and a slut, some stood their ground and promised to give their full support to Robsten till the end. I was at #TeamKristen! My mentality was that, what’s done is done, we can’t do anything to change it. At that point, I didn’t really give shit about robsten(I have this assurance deep down that they will be back together!)! So I was just hoping that Kristen will handle all this shit properly.

Moments later, Kristen and  her team released an official statement saying how sorry she is for that momentarily indiscretion and she even professed her love for Rob! Look how serious this is. Most of the tabloids website are directing all the hate to Kristen alone. Rupert Sanders is actually the real pig here. He has 2 kids and a wife at home. Kristen has only a boyfriend. Think people!! Which is more serious?!

As much as I’m a fan and like Kristen, she deserves to be called a WHORE in this situation. And I just can’t process on how stupid she is for cheating under day-light with her we-all-know blue minicooper (number plate : MADHTTER) when she knows that she might get photographed anywhere anytime! It’s either her stupidity or all of this was a trap by Rupert Sanders to gain publicity. She is still at fault for having that affair though.

And some of the fans are annoying! They are still living in denial and I feel sorry for them.

YOU SERIOUS?! It has been 2 god damn days. And all of the news sites are already publishing it!

Some of the fans also love making assumptions on what Robsten are thinking based on their own point of view and perspective. Like they know what Kris/Rob would be thinking at that moment. As cool as Kristen’s quotes may sound, in the end, we are all only her fans and not friends! She might sound like someone she isn’t. We do no know them personally and we are in no position to judge. We do not even know what is going on. We are only depending on the not so reliable PEOPLE and US weekly. So, please just stop tweeting as if you are them. Thanks. Oh and one more thing. After this whole news was confirmed, all of the fandoms account with the username “RK” in it started switching it to some other names. Is it really necessary? What difference does it bring? Now we know who are the true fans.

FYI, a fan doesnt necessarily have to be that screaming fan-girl when meeting them.

All we can do now is to WAIT !

Hoping for the best in them. xx


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