The Avengers

11 Sep

That’s so overrated! I finally had the chance to watch it after nearly 4 months of procrastinating. The excuse I gave was that I wanted to watch all of the superheroes movies before watching The Avengers, since it was SO AWESOME. But, what the hell? It didn’t turn out so awesome. Cliche,flat and a very predictable storyline. The worst of the worst is that it has been rated to be no.90 on IMDB’s Top 250! It makes IMDB less relevant now.

However, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Die Hard comic Avengers fan may find the movie awesome after such a long wait. Similarly, twilight fans waiting for the final installment of the movie and praising the movie after watching it, even if it sucks.

Speaking of opinions, the same concept lies on everyone’s taste on music. There is no “Bad taste” and “Good taste” in music. Music is defined as “The art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds.” You have the beat? You have the voice? Music is made!

Same goes to food.

You may think durians taste good, but an American might think otherwise.

Speaking of opinions and perspective, this reminds me of the elements of Cognitive Development which I was taught about in my Critical Thinking Skills class! Here are the three main periods :-

1. Dualism 

Knowledge is absolute. there is Truth and Falsity, Right and Wrong, Good and Bad. “For every question there is a simple answer”

2. Relativism

Students will begin to discern patterns or regularities in the way their professors (and others) approach grey areas of knowledge. They may feel that belief systems are difficult to think about because so many good arguments exist for any one approach, “no matter how you look at it.”

3. Commitment in Relativism

Opposite of Dualism. A student may reaffirm or reject old beliefs; either way, the decision is based on a conscious consideration of alternatives as opposed to the blind acceptance of the Dualist. Recognition of the fallibility of her choices, acceptance of responsibility for their consequences, and willingness to accept others’ right to their own choices characterize the Commitments of the Relativist.


All of the periods sound like me. Which stage am I at??


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