Nike We Run KL 2012

18 Oct

Weeks before the run, I was so stoked about the run, but it turned out like a shit experience for me.

These are the stuff you will receive before the run.

The run was bad. It was really bad. Let me start off from the moment I was standing at starting line.

The place was swarmed with students, I could barely breathe in any first-hand air. Also, part of the negative review was that Nike only opened its registration for the public months after they have opened for College/University students. I don’t know if that was part of their ‘marketing strategy’, but it failed big time. Most of the students signed up for the run not to run, but to chill out with their friends by clogging the route. Whereby serious professional runners had to zig-zag all the way till the finish line. Even I was annoyed with them, and I am no professional runner! Don’t they ever get ‘ WALKERS AT LEFT, RUNNER AT RIGHT!’ ?!

The run was scheduled to flag off at 5.30 pm sharp, but at 5.30pm, I still see 2 Hitz FM Deejays asking us to jump around like monkeys *blasting music*. I was probably 300m away from the starting line, and I had to walk like a penguin when the race started because everyone was pushing everyone.

*skips to the end of the race*

The baggage truck system was pure bullshit. They not only lost my bag, but they also waste my time and energy. I stood there for 3 hours screaming, bribing, begging the crews to search for my bag with the number B2717 ( I will never forget this number). Everyone was obviously kinky after a 10 kilometre run, but the baggage truck section decided to spice up our kinkiness with their extremely unorganized system. There were also runners who enjoyed acting like crews, commanding other runners to line up here and there etc, which annoys the hell outta me.

The run was organized by Hivelocity Pte Ltd. Sad to say but are their crews imbecile? It is not okay to lay 70 bags on a fly sheet in the middle of a road that is crowded with people. What’s the point of giving out numbers when you don’t even bother checking the numbers on their hands before giving out the bag to ensure that it is given to the right owner? The best part has yet to come. Out of the blue, an ambulance had to exit the venue and the only way out was through that road with the pile of bags! A smart alec then shouted ” everyone grab a bag to clear the road!”. And kids, this is how bags get stolen.

Moral of the story, never lay any bags in the middle of the road because an ambulance might need to cross the road very urgently and strangers would have held the bag for you and thus, you will never see it again.


BAD. My bag was not retrieved.


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