Legoland Malaysia

31 Oct

I’ve never been to Windsor’s Legoland, so I can’t do much comparison right now. But overall, Malaysia’s Legoland was pretty good I guess, considering the standards of Malaysia. Legoland in Malaysia has not been fully developed, they’re still building!


Here’s a picture of the entrance  from my Instagram (@tmxuan).



The queue on a weekend is crazy! I waited for an hour for my first ride. Most of the rides requires at least 20 minutes of waiting time. The weather is crazy too. 90 percent of the area is not covered with shades. The queueing area had only a couple of pathetic fans, unlike Universal Studios where most of them are air-conditioned. It was so humid and hot that it ruined my mood.


Legos everywhere!






Entering Mini Town, where they make landmarks in Asia out of Legos.





Most of them have stories too.


Legoland has a 4D cinema showing a film every 30 minutes. The only bad thing about it is the queue! Technically, you have to queue up for every fricking single thing! Even in restaurants, we had to queue for  25 minutes. Madness. I got so sick of queueing when I got home.Image





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