Liberal Arts

25 Dec

Starred, written and produced by Josh Radnor himself, this is a film about a New Yorker who returns to his old University in Ohio to give a retirement speech for one of his past professors. During his stay, he meets and has a deep connection with this girl who is currently studying in that University. They really like each other. They both love literature, read the same books, except for one particular book which caused a pretty heated argument between them. However, they did not not mention the name of the book but I am pretty sure it was Twilight.

But, the twist is…. she is only 19 and he is 35.  That is 16 years of age difference.

Zac Efron has a minor role in this movie too. He plays this ‘hippie’ who randomly appears everywhere around the campus. I like his character the most. He is strange and quirky at the same time.

I think what this movie is trying to tell us is that, no matter how old you are, you are still growing up and learning from everything and anything surrounding you. I enjoyed this movie very much.


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