Your Sister’s Sister

26 Dec

Decided to take a step further with some Indie movies, with the not so indie actress (Emily Blunt). She is pretty much the reason why I even decide to give this movie a shot. This movie has the most realistic dialogue I have seen in a long time . The characters are so much fun to watch, I even wish to be one of their friends. There were parts where I squeaked because of its extreme awkwardness and also parts where I laughed out loud. I was entertained and intrigued through out the whole movie. Here is the summary of the whole movie,

At the start of the movie, we were introduced to a man named Jack (Duplass) who did not behave well in his brother’s memorial service. Jack is best friends with Iris (Blunt), whose boyfriend is Jack’s late brother. Jack’s life was in a mess at that moment, so Iris suggested that he takes a break from life and offers him her family’s secluded cabin located in an island. When he reaches there, he is surprised to see that there is another guest in the cabin. It turns out to be Iris’ sister, Hannah (Dewitt) who decides to take a break after leaving a 7 years lesbian relationship. The two begin to bond, with a couple of tequila and became drunk. This eventually lead to an awkward sex. The next day, Iris unexpectedly shows up in the cabin. Thus, forming the core of the film with the characters’ complex relationship. The real twist appears when Hannah finds out that Iris has feelings for Jack and Hannah is desperate of getting pregnant and had poke a few holes on Jack’s condom before giving it to him.


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