27 Dec


Let me just start off by saying, I really like Robert Pattinson, but this movie? It was a big no no for me. They say the first 5-10 minute of a movie is very important, as it affects the mood of the audience. At the 10th minute of Cosmopolis, I still had no absolute freaking clue  of what this whole movie is about. It is so boring that 5 minutes felt like 20 minutes. This movie basically revolves around Eric, his assistant, a couple of whores and a limousine. The dialogues that took place are so pointless, meaningless and robotic. Robert Pattinson talks like he is reading a book or a script. I even think he is trying to give out the ‘mysterious’ and ‘cool’ kind of vibe through out the movie by talking and staring in a certain manner. Sadly, it did not work out well for him!

On the other hand, there are many positive reviews for this movie too. Some even say that this is David Cronenberg’s best film. Sad to say, but this is definitely not my cup of of tea.


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