28 Dec

First off, this is a great movie! It is literally about AN education.  The settings of the story is set in the early 1960’s with 16 year old (Mulligan) who is in the midst of completing her final year of high school. She then meets an older man named Jack (Sarsgaad) who appears to be filthy rich and properly educated. He drives a sports car, wears good clothes, has luxurious stuff etc. As they spent more time together, they were eventually romantically linked. Jack does not like talking about his work, but it did not take long for Jenny to find out what his job really is. With the influence of Jack and his friends, Jenny soon realizes that it is more important to enjoy her life aka seize the moment than to further pursue her studies in Oxford. Here comes the twist, Jack is a playboy and he steals for a living and he is still married, by law.

The meaning of ‘education’ this movie is trying to bring forth is that an educated mind does not necessarily mean an open one. Jenny may be really successful in the academic world, but she soon realizes that there are lots more life lessons out there that she has yet to learn.

Carey Mulligan’s performance was superb! No wonder they called her the ‘new Audrey Hepburn’. She is just great to watch. Though she is 24 then, but sure did she convince our minds that she’s 16!


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