Now Is Good

29 Dec

This is a film based on a book written by Jenny Downham – “Before I Die”. It has a very predictable storyline. A 17 year old girl named Tessa is diagnosed with leukemia 4 years ago and decides not to undergo chemotherapy because she is determined to enjoy life to the fullness before she dies. Tessa has also made up a bucket list, topping the list would be sex, drugs, shoplifting etc.

Nonetheless, Tessa who is played by the young and talented Ms. Dakota Fanning, speaks in a British accent! It sounded weird at times but she definitely pulled it off. Her short haircut reminds me so much of Carey Mulligan too.

However, one day while Tessa was burning her letters and dress at a bonfire, she bumped into a hot, young and charming guy named Adam(Jeremy Irvine). That chap is good looking and everything but his acting is a little stiff and unnatural at times.

Soon, Tessa and Adam fell in love, but did not have sex.

A very cliche Nicholas Sparks kind of movie. I expected something more than this. Also, I kept forgetting the fact that Tessa is going to die soon. I didn’t even feel sad when she died. But it is a good movie to pass time.


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