Weird Day

30 Jan

This mini flow chart illustrates my typical night before an exam/test.

Motivated -> Panic -> Rush -> Demotivated —–> Motivated -> Panic -> Rush 

and the cycle could go on and on till 4am in the morning. 

My motivation hardly remains till 4am in the morning, they usually disappear by 12am and I would be at bed sleeping like a baby by 12.10am. However, this is not the case for me yesterday night. It has been 5 weeks since the semester started and I still have absolutely no freaking clue of what my finance lecture has been teaching all these while. For the sake of achieving a distinction, I slept at 3am.

Then, the day just got weird.

1. Received some drunk text from a lecturer which did not make any sense! 

– Holeeeeeee



-Heritage Hotel

-mu secre eternity

-are u on a jetplane now


2. Had my lunch 3 times in 4 hours.

3. Saying random phrases like ‘update the latest version’ and ‘otak brain’ at random moments without realizing.

4. Saying ‘Silicon Bras’ when we intend to say ‘Silicon wristbands’ to two male lecturers. The laughter we got was louder than thunder. 

5. Overheard a lecturer’s conversation in which he said ‘fuck valentines’ to another lecturer and gave me the oh shit face when he noticed my presence.

6. Was invited to a bonding party and we promised to attend, but we bailed it instead.

and lots other more.

Sleep is important !




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