near the end

30 Mar

Saying Goodbye is probably one of the things I dislike most in life. It sucks more knowing that you will not be close to someone whom you are very close to right now and not seeing the same people you now see everyday. College is coming to an end for me, 1 week to be exact and I have seriously learned a lot from this whole 1 year, knowing who to trust, knowing how to use photoshop, knowing how to draw a freaking 3D floor plan, knowing what to do when you are hungover, knowing what is life, knowing how to drive better, knowing how to do a damned pepakura and knowing how to socialise better.  There isn’t a day without a laughter and there isn’t a day to not look forward to. Walking down the shit long corridor, having to wave and say hi, without fail, every day. Running to classes and rushing assignments. Classes are actually fun for once, with weird classmates and funny lecturers encouraging everyone to participate in class.  I will definitely miss all of these! 


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